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Zoe West Arrested for Modeling Nude

Zoe West - Bodypaint

The 21-year-old Model Zoe Westwas arrested in New York’s Times Square for modeling nude. She was found with only body paint which was painted by Andy Golub, famous body paint artist. NYPD arrested her around 5 PM but was released within an hour with charges dropped. She was wearing only handcuffs at the time when she was taken into custody.

West was upset with the arrest and said that it was nothing against the law.

“I don’t believe there is truly anything wrong with what I did and with what he was doing,” West told The New York Post soon after release.

Last month the 45-year-old Golub was charged with public-lewdness because of his artwork with two other models on July 30. He told that West was fully aware of the risks and posing only with body paint was her choice.

“I explained all this to my model, so she was completely aware” he said.