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Kristin Cavallari flaunts off bra strap

Skin revealing, flesh-show, wardrobe malfunctions and the things like that are much common with the celebs of the entertainment world. And we are all aware of the fact that most of the time these are done knowingly just to grab the camera’s attention and limelight. Female celebs in particular do these ilks of things most frequently. Even going nude and topless is also the flavor of hogging the limelight.

Another show of skin was seen recently when Kristin Cavallari showed off her bra strap in the public. This is what happened that the babe turned much bolder when she went on flaunting off her slender back – the bra strap by the time she was out with her two months old son Camden Jack. Two months back, she gave birth to a son.

Kristen, former Hills reality star, was pushing her son’s cart in West Hollywood on Sunday afternoon enjoying the sunshine and showing off mother-son bonding, when showed off the bra strap through the cream colored outfit with black polka dots.