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Brad Pitt to sell women’s fragrance Chanel No. 5

We normally see men selling the items of men and women doing this for women’s items. Rarely do we see men selling women’s products. Well, this is going to happen that a man will sell the women’s products. He is none other than Hollywood biggie Brad Pitt, who will be selling women’s fragrance.

The renowned brand Chanel has signed in the actor to do this marketing campaign. The brand has come up with a unique idea and they are rest assured of the success of the venture. The reports have it that in mid October, the project’s unveiling globally will be done through commercial and print ads for the fragrance ‘Chanel No. 5’.

Brad was signed by the brand in May this year. The president of the brand says that in order to keep the legend fresh, you have to change the approach. He further mentions that it is for the very first time that they have brought in a man to speak about the women’s fragrance. Chanel thinks that the upcoming fragrance No. 5 happens to be its leading fragrance. Thus they are utterly willing to make big investment on the marketing campaigns.