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Britney Spears shows off side asset being braless

Wardrobe malfunctions or nearly wardrobe malfunctions are what are the parts of the game for the celebrities of entertainment world. Sometimes they do it themselves to grab the attention and camera lights and often it suddenly happens that the celebs hardly can know.

Britney Spears, the famed singer whose naked photos often make the rounds of the media and on search engines, has become the victim of nearly happen wardrobe malfunction quite recently.

This is what happened that the newly single Britney came to eat a lunch on Saturday afternoon and she was wearing no bra underneath the outfit. Yes, she was braless. Spears was clad in a pink halter dress and when she was stepping inside a posh hotel in Los Angeles, she was spotted with the dress showing her braless.

Her side boob was visible and before it got more visible, she came to know and instantly she adjusted the cloth on and this way she hid herself from the near to happen wardrobe malfunction.