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Brandi Glanville shows plenty of skin at Bravo Upfront

Showing cleavage and revealing so much of the skin is the trend with the female celebs since the beginning. It is not new rather the females of the tinsel town have been doing so to get the cameras’ attention right from the beginning. The fame hungry women of the entertainment world always do this trick to get instant attraction and attention.

The same we found at the Bravo Upfront event where the 40 but naughty babe Brandi Glanville hit the marquee wearing super revealing sexiest costume to get the flash bulbs on.

The dress really flaunted off her front a lot rather to the deepest. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star came wearing this sexiest costume at the Pillars 37 Studios in New York. The lacy red design of the dress plunged to this woman’s belly button letting the people enjoy the heat of her sexy flesh which was on utter display.

She was pretty confident and was happily posing for the photographers there.