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British fashion blogger’s images in bikini on adult website

Famed British fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey is very much annoyed and feel powerless after seeing her pictures in bikini on an American adult website. The babe is really feeling sad and annoyed at the same time. Well, this is not new and it has not happened to only her that her personal pictures were posted on site without her consent at all.

This has been happening and keeps on happening with the celebs and we often see the celebs registering complaints and filing sues over the websites/publications for using their personal or topless images without their consent on their website, etc.

When she googled her name, she found her pictures in swimwear published on some adult American website. Dinsey runs a famous style blog ‘What I Wore Today’. She says that she really feels helpless and annoyed seeing those images.

She keeps on mentioning that the images have not been used in a pornographic manner nor they were even the sexy images but they are still on the adult website.