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British supermodel Jourdan Dunn shows nude back

Before the photoshoots, this supermodel called Jourdan Dunn is normally adorned with layers of makeup and styles to make her perfect by the designated stylists and designers. But now in the new released photoshoots of Rag & Bone’s DIY project, it widely proves that the dusky beauty and curvaceous sexy model does not need any stylist, makeup and designers to look gorgeous and sexy.

Dunn, a mother of son Riley, looks stunning, unblemished and classy above all super sexy in the latest ads series of the brand. She is the regular of Rag & Bone and has walked in many shows of the brands so far. They consider her the perfect brand ambassador for their products’ promotions.

In the latest photos, she shows her nude back for the brand’s latest jeans collections. The curvy beauty looks handsomely sexy and gorgeous. Check out the pictures and feel the heat this babe produces through these pictures.