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Budget Beauty Buys: How to Look Great for Less

Wandering down the cosmetic lane at any drugstore is enough to make any girl lose her sensible mind. There are literally thousands of beauty products to numb one’s sense of what is necessary and what is simply fluff. Most of these products all but claim to turn any user into a fairy tale princess! Not surprisingly, such products under deliver and over charge.

Looking fabulous doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Today’s woman can look and feel her most beautiful while staying firmly on budget. Doing so simply takes some professional tips and a dash of self control when bombarded with the thousands of beauty products available. Here are the six most necessary beauty products that beauty experts claim will keep any woman beautiful and not broke:

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Haircolor

Keeping hair glossy and richly colored will take years off any woman. Garnier’s Nutrisse Ultra Hair color has become a favorite among young and not-so-young women alike. The hair color formula is fortified with bamboo extract to keep hair strong and healthy. Grey hairs are covered completely with color that is full of differing shades for a more natural look. All this and more for a price tag under $7!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Get the look of a sun-kissed face without the sun’s damaging rays. This cream blush contains silicone elastomers which makes it very lightweight with a bouncy texture-the blush springs back when you push a finger into it. The pot lasts a very long time since only a small amount is needed. It can be yours for under $10.

Aussie Smoothing Serum

Soothe those sun-drenched locks with Aussie’s protective and nurturing serum. Being a longtime leader in the hair care industry, Aussie is able to offer high quality products at discount prices. This serum can quite possibly go down in beauty history as being one of the most valuable hair products for the lowest price. About $10 will get you a bottle that can last up to a year!

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Eyeliner

The full name of this product is Stroke of Gorgeous Felt Tip Eyeliner and the secret to its success is in its name. The invention of a felt tip eyeliner is rather new but becoming increasingly mainstream. The reason for its popularity is that this type of eyeliner offers maximum application control and a deep rich color. Just $5 will get you one of your own!

St. Ives Olive Skin Cleanser

Never forget that beautiful skin will make up for any and all other beauty flaws! Women in the Mediterranean have created entire beauty rituals around the powerful olive. Millions of Italian women can’t be wrong. Now their skin care secrets can be yours. Care for your skin morning and night with this soothing and moisturizing skin cleanser. About $6 will keep your skin fresh, clean and glowing.

Rimmel Stay Gloss Lip Gloss

Get kissable lips with this U.K. import. Rimmel of London has launched a lip gloss line that is sure to make any woman’s lip pucker up! The Rimmel line is mostly made in Britain and Europe but is still incredibly affordable for the average gal! At around $5, this lip gloss might just become every girl’s favorite make-up item!

About Author: Cindi Lewis writes for glossy.com a natural skin care and beauty products online retailer.

Should You Save on Your Beauty Budget and Wax at Home?

Whoever decided that lots of female body hair was unattractive definitely wasn’t a woman. As women we spend a significant number of days in our lifetime just removing our unwanted hair. Trimming, shaving, plucking, waxing. It can be painful and time-consuming, but we do it anyway. Especially in the case of waxing, it can also be expensive. Nowadays we do a lot of things ourselves to save money. If you want to save on your beauty budget, should you wax at home? Here’s a lot at the process to help you decide if DIY waxing is right for you.

Waxing Kits – Waxing Made Easy

There are lots of waxing kits available for purchase, and they all promise to solve your hair problems. There are all different types of wax, and it can be hard to make a decision. The best kind to get is a hard wax kit. With hard wax, the wax will solidify so that you can pull it off by itself, no cloth waxing strips necessary. Hard wax is the way to go because it simplifies the process and eliminates an extra step. Your waxing kit will include just about everything you need, and most importantly it will have directions. Truth be told – if you can follow directions carefully, you can wax at home.
The Basics

If you do at-home waxing right the first time, you’re likely to do it again. If you do something wrong, on the other hand, you’re likely to think you made a terrible, terrible mistake. There are some basic things to remember in order to have success. First of all, the hair you want to wax should be approximately a quarter of an inch long. It’s a good idea to shower before waxing to soften up the hairs and open your hair follicles. There will be a pre-waxing cream to put on first, and that’s very important. It’s also a good idea to first clean the area with rubbing alcohol, and after the pre-wax, pat on a little bit of baby powder.
You’ll likely heat up the wax in the microwave, but check to make sure it’s not too hot before you apply, or you’ll get burned. Coat a small area of your body with wax, applying in the direction of your hair growth. When it dries, just grab a corner and pull in the opposite direction. Viola! Waxed! Repeat until you’re satisfied, but don’t wax over the same area twice. If you miss some hairs, use a tweezer. You will get better at this with time. Apply some Aloe Vera lotion or the post-wax cream, and pour yourself a drink. You can relax now; it’s over.
Saving Money

Waxing at home can save you a ton of cash. You can even turn it into a fun girls’ night out. You might not want to wax each other’s you-know-what’s, but a little help is great for eyebrows. If you don’t get waxed because it costs too much, or if you just don’t want to spend that much anymore, try doing it at home. You might find you even do a better job taking care of yourself than anyone else could do for you.

About author: Ashley Cole is a stay at home mother and avid gardener who loves to write about her passions and interests. She never writes without the help of a grammar checker in order to ensure her work adheres to all the grammar rules and is of a high quality.