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Protest against Alberta’s strict regulation policy on burlesque dancing

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission’s (AGLC) policy doesn’t allow the exposure of female breast. Calgary burlesque performers are planning to raise their voice through Alberta Human Rights Commission. They are claiming that the strict regulations are forcing them to alter the traditional style of performance and they are not able to present true art form.  They have come for a protest against the rule. Burlesque is considered nude entertainment by the AGLC as performers wear only nipple covers (pasties) during part of the performance. According to the commission, any exposure of male or female genitalia which include female breasts are considered as nude. The definition of exposed breast is still valid even if the breast is covered by paint or another non-fabric substance. A local performer Betty Galore claim that now a days pasties are made of fabric and that’s why the definition of exposed breast should not be valid. Fabric based pasties (nipple cover) was introduced in 1930’s to get around old laws.

If they obey the regulations for nude entertainment of the AGLC , they must remain at least one metre away from the audience and at least one metre away form fellow dancer on the stage. Any contact with the audience is also banned. Props or devices that may be viewed as sexual are also avoided. This rule is even valid for exotic dancers. Burlesque dancers are worried that such huge distance requirement compel them to cut of many of the art forms and it will reduce the space that can be occupied by more audience.

Christine Wronko, spokeswoman with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission said that AGLC has no plan to change the nude entertainmnt policy.

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