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Transformers’ director new babe shows off super big cleavage

The director of the movie Transformers is super notorious as ladies man. He is widely known for casting few of the hot and most gorgeous women in Hollywood trade in his blockbusters. Well, it now seems that Michael Bay has now found his new lady whether she will be his woman on screen or off the screen but the fact remains he is dating with his new hottest with massive assets babe.

Michael, 47, was caught by the paparazzi’s flash bulbs when he arrived at the Chateau Marmont. He was spotted with the super buxom brunette. This mystery woman was clad with a much tight and tiny hot pink bandage outfit which really struggled hard to contain her massive tits.

Michael was seen treading along the Sunset Boulevard with his new found woman. When he was clicked by the paparazzi out there, the couple then very slightly and quickly separated their ways.
While the babe was dressed in a tight pinkish small bandage number, the Hollywood heavyweight went for casual pair of jeans plus a black T-Shirt and over it, he wore a brown leather jacket.

By the time, the shutterbugs clicked the pictures, he started looking down at the pavement and smiled.