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Caggie Dunlop launches new clothing line

Caggie Dunlop, the original Made in Chelsea star, has launched her own clothing line, Iswai. Her entry on the show on a glamorous Rolls Royce in 2011 won her the bigger fans nationwide.

But when her relationship with Spencer Mathews became worse, Caggie packed her bags to leave for New York leaving the show for pursuing singing career in NY. Caggie, 23, is now back in town once again for her new clothing line’s launch. She says that she has been thinking over to start her own fashion line from scratch but could not find time and now she is ready with the launch at last.

Talking about the clothing line, she says that it is an online fashion retailer and offers the people to buy vests, T-Shirts, necklaces and ear cuffs.

The rock ‘n’ roll collection will entice the people a lot. She is pretty hopeful for a good response and she is certain the clothing line will make a good mark.