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Caroline sleeps and her jumper shows off something interesting

Patch ups and break ups are the parts of the entertainment industry’s game. The celebs are found getting glued to this game. Every now and then we keep on listening and learning a lot about the break ups and the patch ups of the celebs. Normally the breakups happen the most. Well, another breakup had been taken place between the ravishing Caroline Flack and Harry Styles. Both did not try to patch up at all and leading life enjoyably.

Caroline, Harry’s ex-flame, eventually goes on admitting the fact that she is the one who can too easily fall in love with someone. How’d we learn about it? Hmmm…too easy, as we saw her embossed the words ‘I Fall in Love Too Easily’ on her jumper. Wearing this jumper, Caroline was sleeping during the filming. She herself tweeted this picture which was probably taken by any of his costars.

Caroline, Xtra Factor presenter, 32, guess loves this picture a lot that she went on sharing it with her fans. Hmmm….this one is also a good way to grab the limelight which the celebs use more often.