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Kate Upton sexy dance moves in red bikini

The oomph factor and utterly sex bomb babe of the US entertainment trade, Kate Upton is a real sex kitten. She is the one who easily raises the blood level in veins. She makes the men find their blood boiling in their veins. She can turn the men on with her bombastic sex appeal and curvaceous body structure. The Sports illustrated model knows the art of slaughtering the men and she rightly and aptly does the same.

The oomph babe does the brand new dance sequence called Cat Daddy. The dance involves a lot of bouncing which is utterly mesmerizing and sizzling like this hot gal. Kate does this act in marvelously sexy and revealing red bikini.

The video of this dance has been made by the famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson. This is not the first time Kate Upton has shown her dancing skills in a visual rather she previously has flaunted the dancing moves in a video titled ‘Dougie’.

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