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Have Glasses Been Accepted As A Fashion Accessory?

With the vast amount of clothing and fashion accessories available on the market, consumers have a wealth of choice at their disposal. New styles and trends are seen in the designer pre-season catwalks, and soon after stores across the world mimic the fashion designs, giving the consumer the latest fashion at their fingertips.

Yet when it comes to an accessory we are told we need, why do so many people stick to styles which only fit the purpose?

Years ago, being told you need prescription glasses was seen as bad news and many people didn’t even wear their prescribed glasses for fear of being judged.

In modern times, people have now come to terms with this health need and billions of people across the world now need glasses for everyday wear.

A wealth of styles

Many of the world’s favorite fashion brands and houses have now broken into the glasses market, creating stunning pieces in line with their clothing designs. From Alexander McQueen to Gucci, the prescription glasses market is growing fast, and the choices are endless.

Playing it safe

So why do so many glasses wearers stick to safe styles; opting for a plain frame with no fussy designs or even the slightest of detail and personality?

It seems there are two types of glasses wearers: those who embrace the chance for a new accessory, mimicking their personality and likes through their glasses, and those who wear glasses merely for the very reason that they need them in order to see clearly.


The point to remember is that your prescription can be incorporated into almost any glasses frame you want to wear. Gone are the days when glasses simply consisted of two lenses and a metal strip to attach them together; nowadays glasses are a chance to wear a style you would choose just like any other fashion accessory.

Perhaps it is due to their unwillingness to admit to the world that we need help with our vision, or perhaps it is through fear of not wanting to stand out, but it seems sometimes consumers are playing it too safe with their glasses style. Whilst it would be foolish to assume everyone is fashion conscious and overly concerned about their appearance, it is worth noting that the trusty pair of spectacles has moved from a time when it was a sign or poor health to wear them to a time where it offers an opportunity for people to show their personality through the style the choose.

Glasses don’t just exist to fit a purpose; no, nowadays celebrities across the world wear spectacles even without a prescription as they are now seen as a mark of true stylishness.

So go on, unleash your inner self with a glasses style you not only feel comfortable with; but enjoy wearing.

About Author: Amy writes for Direct Sight, a leading provider of cheap glasses uk.

How you can become a ramp or runway model – easy formula

When you think of modeling field, the thought of becoming a ramp model too hits the minds and hearts. Ramp models are also called the runway and fashion models. They have to be thin bodies and tall. These models do catwalk on the ramp. These women or men are beautiful and thin. Mostly this job is targeted to the ones in their teen age or twenties. This job requires quite hard work. How you can become a good ramp or runway model? For this follow the below tips.

  • The heads shots in 8 1/2″ by 11″ sizes are quite essential. To get the head shots, take the help from a good professional photographer.


  • Get your head shots and then send them with a brief cover letter describing about you and carrying your contact details to the agents or the modeling agencies. Do mention your body stats as well in the cover letter.


  • To get modeling jobs or to get yourself familiarize with the ones in the fashion industry, try to attend the modeling functions and start getting yourself associated with the network of modeling. You get noticed and finally will get the opportunities knocking at the doors.


  • From the ramp models, attend the open calls since modeling agencies are always (more often) hold these open calls for the aspiring or established models. These open calls are normally seen getting advertized in the local newspapers, magazines, publications or in Craigslist.

Do follow the above mentioned tips and you will find yourself landing in to the world of opportunities where you will be laced with the works in your way. Try to have maximum contacts with the people associated with the modeling abode.  Ramp modeling is the one job that opens many avenues for the models and you start getting noticed and getting fame.

Tips for the modeling auditions

Modeling auditions need a lot of care and they deserve the models’ full attention since on their basis, they have to grab the opportunities to slip into the business and then make their name in the world of fashion. The gateway for sure is the audition. The models, who are geared up for the modeling auditions to ink the contracts with the modeling agencies, have to emerge on the auditions as composed, all set to impress the people and well prepared. This situation may turn stressful, but you have to portray your best – you have to flaunt the best of your expertise of modeling and personality. Depict yourself as a strong candidate when you are on auditions.

Outfits and Accessories

Remember whatever you wear on the occasion of the audition will construct or break your career as a model. It is often seen that many models come wearing higher fashionable outfits to flaunt they have good knowledge of the field on auditions but the best costume has to be simple that shows off your physique. This costume can then be used by the modeling agency or the designers to click you in a photo. Go wearing skinny jeans or you may also wear a tank top and with the simple costume or top, you may accessorize the outfit with necklace or bracelet. Don’t forget to wear the heels which have minimum length of three inches.

Cat Walk

At many auditions, the catwalk of the models is checked. If this is the case, then go for a simple catwalk and do not smile during the catwalk since your facial expressions are not being scanned, just your walk is being checked.


If interview is required, then stay calm and relaxed during the interview and keep smiling while you are being interviewed.