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Charlie Brooks and beau Ben plant lips on each other on beach side

Charlie Brooks is undoubtedly the queen of the hearts and she is also the queen of the jungle, as she was awarded the title with earlier this month on the show, ‘I’M a Celebrity…Get Me Out of It’.

Well, this babe is also the queen of her beau Ben Hollington. How we know this? This is due to the affection and love he showed on her recently on the beach side in Queensland in Australia.

They were enjoying some quality time together along with Charlie’s 7-year-old daughter Kiki. The trio seemed thrilled and fully excited at the beach. Hollington displayed that she loved returning into the arms of her boyfriend after the long time on the show.

While her daughter was away to play, Ben took this golden opportunity as a real gift and instantly turned much passionate with his love interest by planting his strong lips on her silken ones. It was a real passionate kiss, which was instantly captured by the awaiting photographers.

The love and affection on the beach between the two lovers – Charlie, 31, and architect Ben, was much obvious there.