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Chechen first lady unveils Islamic fashion in Dubai

Medni Kadyrova, the first lady of Chechnya has displayed her Islamic fashion line in Dubai which was much liked by the audiences and the ones present out there. Mendi’s Islamic fashionably designed clothes appealed and captivated the audiences at the occasion.

At the event, more than 20 veiled models of Chechnya did the fabulous catwalk art Dubai Palace on Saturday evening. They were dolled up with silk and beautifully embroidered Muslim outfits which covered them from head to feet. They were looking utterly gorgeous and were the central attraction of all and sundry out there.

The show’s culmination took place with the showcase of the Islamic wedding dresses. Firdaws (paradise in Arabic) had organized the show. It is noted that this event was the first of its kind for the label which happened outside Chechnya.

A Palestinian at the show named Omar said that all the models were looking like hoors (the virgin angels who await the faithful Muslims afterlife as per Quran) with their thin figure and beauty. But he also questions to the young women who wear revealing outfits ‘whether they would agree with these kinds of covered up dresses?’

The event was much liked and a good attendance was seen at the show.