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Tulisa Contostavlos and Chelsee Healey dressed to impress

Both Tulisa Contostavlos and Chelsee Healey are the women of the tinsel town who grab the limelight and the headlines always. Their fashion, style and their works always put them in the media. The cameras follow these babes and they would love to be followed by the flash bulbs like all celebrities.

These two stars’ fashion sense is often criticized and they keep facing the same. This time around, their style and fashion turned all and sundry on and they landed onto the news with some praiseworthy words.

This is what happened that both Tulisa and Chelsee came out for dinner together and headed to Rosso, Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant in Manchester. The girls, both 24, were dressed to impress. Chelsee really managed to flaunt off some flesh though she was covered. She flashed the glimpse of her tummy in between the top and bottoms.

Tulisa was wearing a tight jeans and leather jacket. Plenty of cleavage was on display and the babe was flaunting it off utterly and proudly.

Chelsee Healey tries hard to hide her bum but in vain

Whatever her fashion critics say about her whether they praise her fashion statements or simple oppose it, the babe Chelsee Healey does not give it a damn at all – she does not care about it at all. She is always eager to doll up the fashion she likes whether it goes on her or not – who cares? This is what she thinks of herself.

Last Saturday, she celebrated her 24th birthday where the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant emerged flashing her bra utterly in a white spotty blouse she was clad in. She completed it with ruffles.

Last night this babe continued showing off much of her private parts in a much unique style. She was photographed going into The Rose Club being clad in a pair of much revealing disco shorts – the black shorts which were adding glam to this damsel.

This time she wanted to hide her skin from the paparazzi and the people out there – but it was impossible as this time she was on way to reveal more. She was hiding her derriere from the shutterbugs while walking into the hotspot in London. The shutterbugs were much quick to grab the steamy pictures of her bigger bum.