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Nicole Scherzinger and Alexa Chung’s fashion statements

Celebrities of the tinsel town are the ones who cannot sit idle and above all cannot live without wearing the make-up and generating new fashion trends. Sometimes their fashion sense turns disasters and often they work big time. But this does not stop them at all to be with the fashions. Their stylists work a lot on making their good looks as per the event’s nature.

Recently many female celebs hit the space of various events where they appeared being real fashionistas and in other words we can say – their fashion statements worked high which the fans can now utterly follow.

Nicole Scherzinger, who was seen at rival Cheryl Cole’s after party in London recently and apparently defeated the singer with her sexiest revealing dress, came at The Arts Club in London wearing the patterned pencil skirt along with the sheer blouse. She was simply looking dazzling.

Alexa Chung wore the cream frock with floral embroidery when she came to attend the Chanel’s bash in New York for the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Bijoux de Diamants collection.

Tiff between Cheryl Cole and beau Tre upon a Rolex watch

Cheryl Cole and her new beau Tre Holloway have been around and in love for last six months or so and there has not been any tiff between the two emerged on the scene do far but now one has hit the scene. This is what happened that a Rolex watch became the reason of fire between the two lovers.

Sources claim that Cheryl tried being romantic by buying her beau a Rolex watch priced at £25,000. But the gesture from the boyfriend was not affirmative rather burning. The matter behind is that Cheryl had bought the same watch for her ex-husband Ashley by the time the couple got married. And now she tried offering Tre, who is a backing dancer for her and recently performed with her, but he refused saying the watch was too expensive.

The sources say that Tre Holloway does not seem to be living on Cheryl’s money. Tre does not like sharing any similarities with Cole’s ex-hubby. Well, Cheryl has now to be much careful if she wants her relationship go on and on with Tre.

Nicole Scherzinger loots camera attention with her huge cleavage show

The enmity between the two wonderfully tasteful sexy damsels of the entertainment globe – Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger is vivid to the entire world. But these two sirens never ever admit openly but well, the masses and the media are well aware of the hidden truth. Both the babes were together at one event where the two tried to ignite more sparks than the other by wearing hugely revealing outfits.

Recently Cheryl let the fans enjoy the magic of her singing at A Million Lights tour to London’s mammoth O2 Arena.

The enmity apparently began rolling on last year when Nicole replaced her on the panel of judges of the singing show X-Factor USA. Simon Cowel first took Cole and then dropped to take Nicole on board. Cheryl even did filming for few auditions of the show.

At Cheryl’s Whisky Mist afterparty, Nicole came in wearing hugely displaying outfit. Her cleavage was so deep that she grabbed all the attention of the media that left the central babe Cheryl behind. Cheryl too was revealing supremely but it was Nicole who looted the scene.

Nicole internally go happy as she grabbed the whole media attention which was due for Cheryl Cole.