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All about Kids Modeling

Kids modeling is quite popular and often the parents want their kids to get into the field of modeling. When you start getting hear a lot about your kids being photogenic and appealing, the curiosity oozes out to make your kid a model. Your kid who is big enough cal also ask you to enter into modeling field. Although there are similarities between adult and kid modeling nonetheless there are some points which you have to put into consideration prior to sending your kids into modeling industry.


For kids’ modeling, there is absolutely no need at all to go for the professional photo shoots like headshots or full body shots and even for composite cards. Well, the definitions of these three – headshots, body shots and composite cards are as follows:

Headshots: taking your child’s picture of 8-by-10-inch from the neck to upwards.

Body Shot: taking your child’s picture of 8-by-10-inch from head to toe.

Composite Card: It is a 5-by-7-inch card which flaunts the small photos of your kid in various styles and looks.

Hiring an Agency

You have to hire a modeling agency to get work for the kid. Well, here you have to have professional photos to give them to the modeling agency representing your kid. To get an agency, you need to send your kids’ pictures to them and they will zero in if they want to work with your kid or not. Normally the kids who make good eye contact with the cameras are taken by the modeling agencies.

Safety Measures

You have to take the safety measures since you are putting your kid into the world of adults. Make contacts with the agents or anyone for work by yourself – don’t allow your kid (if he/she is big enough) to do so. Post the kids’ pictures online to the websites of the casting agencies. No need to put the direct contact of the kid rather give your details.

No Need for Modeling Schools

There is absolutely no need to send your kid to the modeling schools since they are unable to get the works of auditions (normally) for the kids. It’s a big waste of money.