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Glee stars turn naked for Allure Magazine shoot

On Allure, the babes often turn in their birth suits for the photo shoots. Well, this is the trend with the magazine since the outset. Turning naked for the shoots is a quick way to fame and richness and this is what the stars need – fame and wealth. Thus to overcome them, the quickest way is to strip down.

Joining in the bandwagon are none other than TV star Jennifer Morrison, Christa Miller, Naya Rivera and Clare Bowen who all look utterly confident while stripping down for the magazine’s shoot.

This new sizzling shoot is now all set to raise the spirits and make the mark among the masses. They all protect their modesty very carefully for the shoot by placing the arms, hands and long tresses at the Beverly Hills poolside shoot.

Naya, 26, is the one who grabs more attention, plays the cheerleader Santa on the popular show Glee. She sits on the chair for the shoot with her legs crossed.