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Victoria Beckham displays her own collection in London

Victoria Beckham is a name which represents the fashion and modeling world. The 38-year-old model turned fashion designer is always on the headlines and people follow her fashion statement fully. The girls from the entertainment world and others also would love wearing her brand. The female celebs are spotted wearing her brand at the red carpet events. Great…Victoria has been showing off her class to the fullest.

Well, where she has many ways for the promotion of her clothing brand, she does the act of promotion by herself as well. Self-promotion is also great and works big time for your brand and the same Victoria often does and even did it recently in London.

On Thursday, Victoria Beckham wore a costume out of her own collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. She highlighted her svelte figure in the outfit. She was snapped with her three kids as she arrived at her London hotel.

She was clad in a maroon, black and blue double crepe stripe fitted costume. She also wore a pair of towering black knee-high Christian Louboutin boots. Ms. Beckham wore the dark sunnies to make her look more chic and stylish. She was looking really stunning and camera’s eyes were on her throughout.


Fashion brands named after the celebs of tinsel town

Fashion brands are nothing without the celebs of the entertainment world. The relationship between the two is unavoidable since they both have to tread along with each other. Both are widely dependable on each other. The brands have to take the help of celebs in order to be sold whereas the celebs need them to be in limelight and to churn out the mammoth amount of money.

We often witness the brands after the names of the entertainment celebs. Why this happens? Well, this is so because the celebs are public property and they are icons thus having a product after their name sells hugely.

The latest happening in the world of fashion and entertainment where the fashion brands have been named after the celebs include Christian Louboutin, Mulberry’s Alexa, a bag named after Lana Del Rey by Mulberry, bags collection launched by Victoria Beckham named after her daughter Harper.

Besides the brands launching the products after celebs’ names, celebs too launch the products after their names since they know their name sells.