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Christie Brinkley, 59, poses for swim shoot after 30 years

Christie Brinkley, 59, has posed for a swimsuit once again after 30 years. She now poses for The Hampton. The woman still is super duper sexy like her heydays. She still raises the blood level in veins with her utmost and tremendous sex appeal. The babe in her 60s has the svelte and super curvy killer body.  She still can slaughter the men with her sizzling sex appeal which is why she has once again been featured on the magazine even in old age.

She makes you remember the days when she was young through her latest sizzling swim shoot for the magazine.

She has posed for the Sports Illustrated for many a time in past. She made her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated in 1979, 1980 and 1981. She now mentions that she has become addicted to the magazine. She is the former wife of the singer Billy Joel.