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Claudia Jordan tosses her friend’s top aside on beach

Claudia Jordan is the babe who is much famed and we all know why she is super famous? Well, her fame lies in being the Celebrity Apprentice star. She is the one cameras follow her thoroughly wherever she goes. And this was the reason that cameras followed her when she was with her female friend on Miami Beach on Wednesday.

At the beach, she did the weird thing but in her sense, it was a joke that she did with her female pal, who is a model named Aisha Thalia. This is what happened that she took her friend’s bra off her body and made her topless at the beach in a joke and began making the video the topless Thalia as a prank.

Claudia, 39, was much happy and she enjoyed every bit of the moment teasing her topless friend with her bra in hand.

The people out there enjoyed too. The paparazzi took the chance to click the pictures, which you can now see.