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Maria Fowler reveals post liposuction body in pink lingerie

Maria Fowler, name that echoes in the ears due to its beauty and sex appeal, is really a sex kitten and a damsel who has potential to raise the heat. And yes, she can aptly does the same. The girl with oomph factor and blood boiling beauty, Fowler does not shy at all to hide the skin for extra publicity.

The same she did for a lingerie photo shoot recently. The self marketing campaign for lingerie, she did, made her more popular among her fans. She went for stripping down to underwear for the promotion of her line of fake tan.

In Birmingham during the Clothes Show Live event, Maria went for showing off her newly attained and maintained six packs in a baby pink satin bra, suspender ensemble and knicker.

She has gone for liposuction on her stomach, armpits, bottom and thighs. Check out her body, it really looks amazing and hugely sexy post the liposuction.