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Coco Austin stretches legs apart…check out her super sexiest body

Coco Austin is the most famous babe and her popularity we all know is because of her marvelous sexy body and the notorious bigger assets and derriere. She is found on the headlines due to her muscular physique. She is also the queen of the tabloids due to her notorious figure and her wilderness in flaunting them off.

Coco says that she really works hard to tone up her figure and she is not shy at all when it comes to reveal her body. She keeps on sharing her pictures on Twitter to her fans and most recently she did the same once again.

In those pictures, she tweeted recently, she is found revealing her exceptional muscular body structure. She is spotted wearing an indecent string bikini while she was standing with her legs apart. She was found flexing her butt muscle for the camera bulbs.

Coco also wrote that she flexed the top of her booty muscle. She also mentions that she is proud of her booty muscle. She goes on mentioning that she does real hard work on the maintenance of that muscle.