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Types of Modeling – Details

Modeling has various types i.e. models have to work for various jobs when they step into this field. Some models do all of the below jobs and some restrict themselves to only one or fewer of them. But in short, below ones are the types of modeling.

Acting or Commercial Modeling:

For an ad of a product, item or service, the models play a character on television.

Promotional Modeling:

It is called the live modeling where the models do modeling in order to fetch the consumer demand for a specific item or brand. Models physically appear at the shopping malls or public places to confer the masses with the products’ samples.

Fashion Modeling:

This ilk of modeling is dolled up for the promotion of outfits or accessories. The models who do this kind of modeling are usually taller with curvy body structure.

Runway Modeling:

These models are called the ramp models as well since they do the catwalk to flaunt the designed outfits of the designers to promote their works and show off the accessories of the company for their promotion.

Catalog Modeling:

This is called the print modeling and it is dolled up to flaunt and promote the company’s products and items in magazines or newspapers.

Editorial Modeling:

When the models do the shoots for the fashion magazines such as Swimwear, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc by flaunting the present style or the ongoing trends, it is called the editorial modeling.

Commercial Print Modeling:

This type of modeling does not require the models to physically fit or have thin body or have long height at all since this carries the promotional work of the products of the brands or companies.

Nude Modeling:

Glamour Nude Modeling: When the models do the full frontal nude photoshoots for the magazines like Playboy, etc.

Artistic Nude Modeling: This is done to raise the artistic work and the models go nude in artistic style.

Erotic Nude: This is not called pornographic ilk of modeling but the models do it naked showing artistic yet sexual styles.

There are other types of modeling as well such as casual, corporate, swimwear, fitness, glamour and to name a few.