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Lady Gaga reveals bra at Moscow airport

She is no stranger to the words ‘bold’ and ‘naked’, as she keeps on doing the bold things and going naked often even in public. Lady Gaga is the most controversial singer in the world. She is super famed and the mammoth fame is the gift of her wilderness and nudity she keeps on dolling up.

Gaga, this time around again, went for wearing much revealing costume when she arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow. Well, there was no surprise at all seeing Gaga in revealing outfit.

Despite the chilly and freezing temperature of 8 degrees, Gaga went for wearing the bizarre costume – Gothic bride-meets-military.

The dress, tiered floor-length open-fronted, showed off the singer’s black bra in abundance. Gaga’s sky high platform heels were also in notice. Lady Gaga signed the autographs there and posed for the shutterbugs.

Talking to the reporters, Gaga depicted that she was there to support the Rolling Stones.

This babe is a real mad and she does everything to invite the camera’s attention.