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Supermodel Elle Macpherson shows sexy figure in bikini

The celebs whether they are from the glittery field of entertainment, fashion or any other walk of life, they certainly make their face towards the beach. In particular the entertainment personalities go to enjoy the splashing of the cool beach water and the sand of the beaches.

Besides the fun and holidaying at the beach and on the waves of the ocean, the celebs are widely aware of the fact that their every move over there is scanned by the sharp cameras of the paparazzi which is why they prefer enjoying holidaying at the beaches.

The latest to hit the beach is none other than supermodel Elle Macpherson, who hit the beach few days back in Majorca with her family. She was looking ravishingly stunning and sexy in the most revealing bikini. This two-piece fitted well on the slender body of Elle. The mother of a baby looked super sexy playing with the water.

Elle is really gorgeous and sexy and you cannot say that she is a mother of one baby.