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H & M to launch new retail chain ‘& Other Stories’

H & M is the renowned international brands and the majority of the people who are brand conscious is aware of it and would love buying the items with the brand name of H & M. Since there have been talks about the new retail chain to be launched by the brand, the company has been putting the details cloaked in secrecy. But the Swedish retailer company nonetheless makes the name confirmed as ‘& Other Stories’. Now it is clear that the new retail chain would start working under this brand name.

The sources report that the retail chain will be launched by early next year (2013) as the working on the project is going on. Besides the high street brand also made the announcement last week about the launch of the retail chain in 2013. When asked the further details, the press spokesperson of the company remained tight-lipped.

H & M already owns a high street label COS and has also teamed up with the big name of the fashion world Marni recently. In the latest press release, H & M explained that the new project would be on the lines of COS.