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Why Every Girl Needs A Cosmetic Bag

Whether you are girl that keeps it mostly au naturale or a girl who likes to utilize every kind of beauty product, you will need a COSMETIC BAG to carry your gear. From a simple tube of lip balm to an arsenal of lipsticks and foundation, when your face requires quick touch ups, having a home for your girly goodies that makes them easily accessible is a priceless asset. And a trendy bag can be as much of an accessory to your outfit as a purse or piece of jewelry.

Your make up is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, but there is nothing enhancing or beautiful about sticky, melted lipstick at the bottom of your purse or a powdery film covering your checkbook! Keeping your beauty supplies, however humble, in a cosmetic bag will ensure that any accidental spills or leaks are contained and do not ruin other important items in your purse such as your credit cards, receipts, cash, or even photographs.

Your bag of beauty enhancements should, at the very least, contain a cosmetic brush set for applying oil-absorbing powder or foundation, a clear or tinted lip balm, a neutral-colored blush, and mascara. These basics will keep your prepared for unexpected meetings, unanticipated run-ins with important people, or looking refreshed for unintended long nights! Of course, you can add to your essentials if you’re feeling daring and include eye liner, an exciting shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, and even a quick drying nail polish to quickly transform from the proper office attire to the moody night life. With this kind of preparation, you can happily accept an offer out to dinner straight from the gym!

When you’re selecting your basic essentials, remember that a quality product is more valuable than the number of products you have. A product with high-quality ingredients can also have added benefits beyond cosmetic enhancement such as sun protection, anti-aging properties, or moisturizers. Also consider the quality of the tools you use for make-up application such as your COSMETIC BRUSH SET. Are the bristles used for the brushes obtained from a natural fiber? Are they made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled paper? Considering questions like this will make you both beautiful inside and out!

There are so many types, it will be easy to find a cosmetic bag that matches your personality and make up needs. Whether you need a large bag to carry everything in your make up drawer or a small, discrete bag to hold your minimalist beauty regimen, as long as your bag fits in your purse, you will be set. Choose a bag that you can easily pull out of your purse for quick touch ups in the restroom and that closes easily and securely. Flimsy closures are just as bad as having no bag at all.

The cosmetic bag also have the power to provide you privacy and protect your dignity when you are out. You can store travel sized deodorant and feminine hygiene products in your bag so that you can make a discrete trip to the restroom and be confident when you come out! All that is needed for a fabulous time out is a little planning ahead and a fun, fashionable bag to store the tools for a put-together look that has you ready for any situation.

John Grant is a writer on many health and beauty sites , as well as working for Ecotools. John is also traveling across Asia looking for great new ideas.