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L’Oreal to launch menswear ‘Exemplaire’

L’Oreal is the cosmetics brand which is famous for women’s products but the fashion and brand conscious men get ready to enjoy the products made by the brand in just few days time. Well, the reports have it that the brand is set to launch menswear ‘Exemplaire’ this summer and the launch will reportedly happen in this month of June but no exact date has been announced so far.

The new say that the opening of the label, co-founded by Jean-Victor Meyers, grandson of Liliane Bettencourt of the L’Oréal cosmetics company and Louis Leboiteux, is all geared up to land into the stores in the ongoing month of June, 2012.

When contacted the concerned, it was learnt that for the launch no exact date was announced yet. But the spokesperson said that the launch would happen in media presentation and the retail launch would take place in June.

Exemplaire will be featuring the products such as cashmere including sweaters, scarves and jackets. Since the brand’s products carry aesthetic styles, the same would be followed in menswear. The label will also be selling trendy products such as Teddy styled jackets.

The products will initially be available at four retailers situated in four cities – Beverly Hills, New York, London and Paris. The names will be revealed soon and on the website, one can get the details.