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Kelly Osbourne strips into bikini for Cosmopolitan Body

Kelly Osbourne is the babe who is all the time in news – no matter if she lands on the headlines for controversies or good actions. The fact of the matter is that she keeps on the headlines and this she loves the most.

Kelly was in bigger news since some time back due to her weight gain and the things like that. A lot of criticism was being done on her weight. She took this very seriously and went for reducing her flesh off the body.

Kelly started doing the heavy workout sessions and she is now ready with big weight loss. Kelly has reportedly lost around 69lbs so far. She now loves to flaunt off her weight loss body in bikini.

She has done a photo shoot for a magazine. Kelly’s stripping off in bikini for the Cosmopolitan Body is what is in news these days.

The pictures were taken by Nicky Johnston. She admits that she would now never become self-obsessed.

Talking to the magazine, Kelly says that she would never be the sort of person in life who thinks that she is super hot. She goes on mentioning that she has now learnt to respect herself.

Kelly’s photo shoot has gained bigger publicity in the media and among her fans.