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Miley Cyrus lays in shirtless boyfriend’s arms

Miley Cyrus is all the time high on the headlines. She has been the media’s hot favorite lass since the outset. Earlier she was in much news before her 18th birthday as she used to do wilder actions. After turning 18, she does not stop continuing churning out the ripples.

Miley and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s breakup news often make the media’s circles. Every now and then we keep reading a lot about the couple’s breakup, but they prove that they are in love every time any news of break up happens.

This time around the couple let the world know that they are deep in love as they were spotted being quite romantically in Costa Rica on the beach.

Miley was laying in her shirtless beau’s arms on the beach. They were on holidays in Costa Rica where the blonde haired Miley came to soak up the sun with Liam who was pulling her for kisses and kisses.

They both enjoyed the view of sun set on the beach.