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Cristobal Balenciaga’s collections on public show for the first time

For the very first time, the collections of the great Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga, has been shown to the public in Paris. He was considered to be the central influence on the twentieth century fashion and he made real fashion statements with his designs in the era. His collections have never been put on display in public and now it has been done 40 years after this great creative fashion icon’s death.

The collections have been displayed at the Musee Galliera in Paris at Paris fashion museum where costumes, documents and fragments of material in addition to the doll’s outfits are in display. The idea of putting Balenciaga’s works exhibition hit the mind of Olivier Saillard, the Galliera director and he made it happen.

The big attendance is being witnessed at the exhibition and people like the collections of this great Spanish couturier. Horde of people has been hitting the place.