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Helen Flanagan’s cup sizes increases when she eats

Helen Flanagan has been in the news and on headlines for all the notorious reasons since the day she stepped into the reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here’. A lot has been dashed off this most curvaceous and big breasted babe. And a lot is being written on as well since she is too sexy and all the time is found revealing her curves on the show.

Well, now her larger assets are in news making headlines for her. She is undoubtedly blessed with a voluptuous shape. She has recently revealed on the show about the strange power of her breasts.

She mentions on the show that her breasts go up a cup size every time she eats. On Monday’s episode, the soap star was parading her bigger bust around in the forest in a leopard print bra. And on this episode, she explained about this strange power of her assets.

She explains this talent of her bust to Ashley Roberts and Hugo Taylor that it is really serious that her cup size increases when she eats after dinner and then it goes back to normal later.

Her bust seemed too large in print bra and it was looking bigger that Ashley could not resist at all having a feel of it.