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Jennifer Metcalfe says his beau says his bum is too big

Jennifer Metcalfe, the Hollyoaks star, says that his boyfriend thinks that his bum is wild and bigger. Jennifer, 28, has been going on dating with the ex-Dancing on Ice skater Sylvain Longchambon, 31. The dating started happening since they day they both bumped into each other on the show last year.

Sylvain is a real qualified personal trainer and he really loves Jen’s feet, hands, and well tonned tummy. But when asked Jennifer, what is her most favorite part in his body? She says that his butt is not that bad at all.

She goes on telling that Sylvain really thinks that his bum is too large and she is like ‘Oh Babe, no way!’ She also reveals that her mother calls his buttocks ‘legs’. She narrates an incident that when for the first time they both had a session, her mother was there. And her mother named his bum ‘legs’.

But guys, just see Jennifer’s won bum….don’t you think it is really that big and d-shaped to kill the men? Yes, it is! And it can really slaughter the men from tip to toe.