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Halle Berry in bikini, touches the white sharks

Hollywood’s big star Halle Berry seems to love living dangerously. The 46-year-old actress is really brave and she showed on the shooting of her upcoming film ‘Dark Tide’. She encountered with the biggest giant sized white sharks. She was pictured reaching out to the mammoth white sharks to touch them and she even got succeeded in touching the one.

Well, at the shooting, she slipped into a colorful bikini which captured all eyes there. The dusky beauty was revealing much of her flesh and the cleavage show. At 46, she still has big sparks to slaughter the men.

About her touching the white shark, she says that she is the one of the few people out there who has done this job. She then pointed out that she managed it with super care.

The filming was done in Seal Island in South Africa. Halle is playing a diving instructor named Sara in the film.