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How Emma Stone keeps her hair healthy and shiny – Get the answer

Emma Stone, the name which brings the view of beauty with elegance in your mind, is the one woman of the tinsel town who is rated high with her fashion statements. Yes, she displays the fashions which are well followed by the fans. The paparazzi and the fashion pundits too rate her high. The same heart-hitting fashion statement she showed recently at the Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday when she appeared there.

Well, besides her fashion, what was noticed more was her glossy locks, as they were simply sparkling and looking much neat. They were well handled by the babe. She was wearing the sexiest LBD hot red lips. The locks were in a retro side part.

She reveals the secret when asked by the media about how she keeps her locks so healthy and shiny? She responds that she uses the Davines Love Shampoo and Nounou Conditioner which keep her tresses much healthier and shinier.