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Kristen Bell unable to hide her baby bump

Kristen Bell is expecting her first kid and she is now unable to hide her pregnancy. The babe has now begun showing off her baby bump in public. The pretty actress was mum about her pregnancy but now she cannot do it as the bump has started showing off.

She was seen buying groceries in a groceries store in Los Angeles on Thursday where the paparazzi scanned her growing baby bump and did not waste even a minute to capture the photos to adorn them on their publications later.

The pictures have now started making the rounds of the media letting the masses learn and see her baby bump. Kristen was seen with the bump underneath her warm coat.

The blonde actress, 32, was looking radiant and classy in every sense of the word. She was as comfortable as one has to be not caring about the people and the media focusing eyes on her bump.

She and her fiance Dax Shephard started dating in 2007 and for last three years they have been engaged. Both are expecting their first baby together.