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Miranda Kerr looks stylish even in de-glam avatar

She is real beauty…she is beauty queen…she is a class in herself…she is curvy rather curvaceous lass of the fashion abode…she is creamy…she is leggy…she is super famed…she is a renowned model…she is called the richest supermodel….yes, she is Miranda Kerr, the Victoria’s Secret’s famed model. The 29 years old Aussie supermodel keeps on letting her fans know every inch of her tour she has been doing recently in Africa.

Miranda is on the African trip – Safari trip to discover the wild life in Africa. On twitter and Instagram pages, Kerr has been posting the pictures and all about her trip to let her fans know what she is up to over there.

The super stylish model, whose fashion sense is acknowledged and followed heavily, goes de-glam there. But the intelligent and gorgeous babe manages to look stylish and stunning even in deglam avatar.

Keep it up Miranda…your fans love you in every shape and avatar.