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Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese shows weight loss picture

Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese has lost much weight off her body and the babe is much proud that she tweeted her weight loss pictures recently. The show has finished around four months back and post the show’s wrap up, the sexiest babe has worked hard and the result is now out.

She loves enjoying the fruits coming in the form of weight loss. She has lost around 15 lbs. In the picture she shares on Twitter, 26-year-old Deena is wearing a bikini to let the fans clearly see how curvy she is now and how much she has lost.

She then says that couple more weeks to go and couple more pounds to lose. This shows she is still not satisfied with the 15 lbs and wants more. Good!

She reveals that she knew that she was getting more and more weight and then she thought that it was the right time and she did heavy workouts and now she is with her new body which is more sexy and more curvy.