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Demi Moore in bikini with a new guy

Demi Moore, the classy 50-year-old babe of Hollywood trade, is still as popular as she was in her heydays. Demi tries to be on the headlines all the time since quite some time and she loves landing on the news headlines. Well, this is what every celeb wants and this is what Demi Moore likes.

Demi is presently dating Lindsay Lohan’s ex-beau Harry Morton, the 31-year-old guy. But this aged woman loves enjoying new men in life (it seems from her apparent life style).

She was seen quite recently enjoying the splashes of water in Tulum, Mexico. Demi was in a patterned bikini that was revealing her body in abundance. The muscular man along with her in the water was too in a full mood of joys.

The striptease woman flaunted off her curves in plenty and though she is still sexy but the old age has started appearing on her body as wrinkles can be seen.