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Demi Moore’s mud covered body in Mexico

Demi Moore, the well known woman of Hollywood trade, is super famous and there is hardly anyone on planet earth who does not know this lady from the biggest entertainment industry of the world. Demi got into true limelight when she was featured in ‘Indecent Proposal’. From then onwards, there is no looking back for the beautiful actress.

Her personal life is highly followed in secretly by the paparazzi who grab the juicy tidbits from her life. Well, Demi is once again in news and this time around for her meditation session she underwent in Mexico.

Demi Moore has been quite open and does not feel shy at all to flaunt off her body ever since she has posed naked for the cover of Vanity Fair in heavily pregnant body. This time again, she went to flaunt off her almost naked body in Mexico while doing a meditation session.

Moore, 50, stripped down to a floral print bikini for the meditation session she took at the Amansala Eco-Chic hotel in Tulum. She made her whole body covered up with mud for mediation. Check out her toned up body many women die for to have the same.