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Emma Roberts’ fashion statement – too much skin-show

Emma Roberts, who is known for making style statement, went utterly weird style on Sunday. She was displaying much skin-show. Thus looking rather than sexy, she was looking weird completely. Emma, 21, wore the strapless Fringe Bandeau top, which was revealing almost the whole upper part of her body.

Then she did not stop till this rather she unbuttoned her denim short to let the masses have the view to the inside skin behind the short. The upper part of her most private part was quite visible due to unbuttoning. She wore Quayeyeware Australia shades for the eyewear. Well, this was her style statement which she generated for her fans on Sunday. Would you follow it?

Guess, this should be put behind and not to be followed since there is nothing in it that has to be adopted. This babe should revert to the fashion statements, she used to make previously.