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Check out Denise Richards’s hot cocktail number

Denise Richards is the one name which has been endowing the cinematic viewers since quite long. The name is what you can rave big about without any single doubt or whatsoever. She has not been on fashion scene since quite some time as the trade pundits did not consider her worthy to put on the scene. But now this babe makes her way on the fashion scene once again – thanks to her sizzling hot cocktail outfit which graced her thoroughly.

She hit the space at the premiere of the Madea’s Witness Protection in New York City. She was dolled up and adorned with the eye candidly hot cocktail number. Her lace-adorned peep-toes were adding more magic to her charm. She got the central attraction of the paparazzi present out there at the event. The flash bulbs started happening by the time she arrived at the space.

Well, if she keeps doing this, she can silence her critics.