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Katy Perry to throw divorce party for her friends

The milky beauty and the singer with much oomph factor, Katy Perry is going to throw a party which she calls her divorce party. Katy and her ex-husband Russell Brand, who she once loved the most before and after the marriage, have split and their divorce was finalized in July this year.

On this bash, the coveted singer has invited her closest friends to be a part of this celebration. She wants this bash just to throw her mind away from the upset condition occurred from the failed marriage. Sources claim her friends have asked and recommended her to fly to Las Vegas for few days to spend quality time there. But the singer wants a party at her home with her friends which will be quite soothing for her.

After this bash, Katy will also be celebrating her 28th birthday after two days of the party. The divorce party will be held on the second wedding anniversary day of Katy. Thus we can say there will be two parties ahead for Katy Perry and her friends.