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Dress up according to your body shape

Everybody is different not only in thoughts but also in body type. One dress cannot suit all. If you want to look good you should know about your body type and dress accordingly. There are three parts which define the body types of a female – bust, waist and hips. The connecting links between these parts and the curvature give shape to a woman. Basically six body types exist.

  1. Apple: Here busts are few inches bigger than hips. You should draw the attention towards butt and legs as the waist, shoulders and arms are problematic area. Long sleeves can be used to drive attention away from these areas. Beautiful legs can also be exposed little bit. Bust and neck area should be focused as eye view can be invited by wearing v-necks.
  2. Straight/rectangular/slender: Most women (about half) has this body type. Here waist and hips remain similar just like cylinder. Waist line should be pressed to give illusion of curves. Dress should bells out. Attention can be drawn towards bust line and waist line.
  3. Pear Shaped: About one fourth of the women have pear shaped body. Hips bulge out significantly compared to bust. Attention should be given to make hips and butts look slimmer. Fitted top followed by full or a line skirt is recommended. However many love to expose butts in this case.
  4. Hourglass: About 10% women has this body type of body shape. This is the best one can get. Here hip and bust measurements are equal with a narrow waist. You don’t have to disguise anything. Every dress style will look good in the body but the dress which shows the narrow waist looks best.
  5. Petite: Such women have shorter look therefore dress should have elongating effect. Legs can be exposed. More you expose the legs, taller will be the appearance. Asymmetrical hemline also works well. Single color dresses have elongating effects. Tailor made dress can be used to find perfect fit. High heels should be preferred. In true sense petite is the dress size not body type.
  6. Busty: Here bust is bigger than rest of the body part. Attention can be drawn towards bust by having a nice neckline but body should be sufficiently covered to stop deviation. If the attention towards bust is uncomfortable then wear dress with hem which will divert the focus.

Mathematically body shape can be characterized as follows.

Apple Shape (Top-heavy, Upside-Down Triangle):

  • Your ‘chest minus waist’ is +3 or more inches
  • Your ‘waist minus hips’ is +3 or more inches
  • Your ‘hips minus chest’ is -3 or less inches

Banana Shape (Straight, Rectangular):

  • Your ‘chest minus waist’ is ±2 inches
  • Your ‘waist minus hips’ is ±2
  • Your ‘hips minus chest’ is ±2

Pear Shape (Bottom-heavy, Triangle):

  • Your ‘chest minus waist’ is +2 or less inches
  • Your ‘waist minus hips’ is -2 or less inches
  • Your ‘hips minus chest’ is +3 or more inches

Hourglass Shape:

  • Your ‘chest minus waist’ is +4 or more inches
  • Your ‘waist minus hips’ is -4 or less
  • Your ‘hips minus chest’ is ±0

Awesome dresses for female Part 1

Costume is the greatest asset for a women. A nicely fit costume make a women look perfect. Click on pictures below to buy these cool stuffs. It will really look nice on you.

  1. Red Ruffle Trim Backless Dress
  2. The stunning dress features ruffles trim along a deep V neckline shoulder and back sexy low cut backless ruffles trim the straight skirt hem side zip. Approx. length: 38 inches (from shoulder to back hem). 95% cotton / 5% spandex; machine wash.

  3. Teal Lace-Up Corset Straps Halter Pencil Dress
  4. Stunning contrast wide halt straps cross-criss front bust you can tie neck or tie back for worn strapless. Lace up through bold hole at back slim fit and back slit. Side hidden zip. Approx. length: 36.5 inches. 100% polyester; machine wash.


  5. Yellow Sexy Club Cut-Out Off-Shoulder Mini Dress
  6. This is an adorable club mini dress off shoulder style sexy cut out detail front pleated bust and mini skirt. Side zip closure. Approx. length: 21 inches (back center). 100% polyester; machine wash.

  7. Black Denim Mini Dress
  8. So cute denim mini dress jean style seaming for fitted curves seven bronze buttons front wide straps flap detail on top and cute ruffles on bottom hem. Back center invisible zip closure. Approx. length: 32.5 inches. 76% cotton/ 22% polyester/ 2% spandex; machine wash.