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Abbey Crouch and Peter – hugging on Dubai beach

Abbey Crouch and Peter have been in love singe quite long and the tow have got married as well. They started dating way back in 2006 and after dating around 5 years, the couple got married in 2011. But still it seems that there is no sign of lessening the love between the two. Yes, this is absolutely an apt love that can give as example to others.

In June, their second anniversary would come but they have started enjoying the celebrations already much before the time. They were in Dubai recently where they celebrated their love like true lovers.

The romantic break in Dubai was marvelous. The Stoke City footballer was seen hugging and lifting his wife up in his hands inside the water on Dubai beach. Abbey, 27, flaunted off her tiny waist in a grey bikini. Both were looking classy lovers.

Also they were spotted frolicking on the sands of the beach quite romantically.