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Pippa Middleton shares first lip lock with new boyfriend

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton is the one lass who has been quite high in news since the day her elder sister Kate married to Prince William. Pippa has been on getting the headlines since the outset. Her every move is scanned and well followed by the paparazzi. She has become the hot favorite babe of the media and the tabloids. In other words, we can term her the tabloid queen.

Pippa’s affairs have well been in news and every other day, this babe is showcased with some new hot scandals. But she doesn’t give them a damn. She now herself openly admitted her love affair – her new love affair with a new boyfriend Nico Jackson.

She posted her picture with new guy and this picture shows her first ever public lip lock with her new man in life. He is a banker and both recently enjoyed romantic trip to St. Mortiz where they publicly shared a passionate kiss.

Kate Middleton’s new hairstyle in news

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Prince William, has visited Cambridge with husband yesterday. Kate has been sporting her new hairstyle and her hairdo came into much notice on her trip to Cambridge.

The hairdo is being noticed much and everybody has been praising a lot about the gorgeous hairstyle, which fits well to the royal beauty.

With her new style, she is being compared to late Princess Lady Diana. A lot is being dashed off about the comparisons of Kate and Diana. Well, both are beautiful and their style statements are apt as per their times.

Kate and William visited Natural History Museum. The weather there made Kate Middleton fight with it since there was huge wind blowing very fast shaking Kate’s new hairstyle.

On the balcony of the Cambridge’s Guildhall, Kate was looking stunningly pretty with her new tresses’ curls. She is a classy beauty and the entire world’s babes follow her fashion statements and yes, they should do, as Ms. Middleton is supremely classy and has good fashion sense.

Kate Middleton’s Olympics necklace worth £49,000, but buy it at £53.25

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, recently came out at an Olympic event where she spotted an eye-candy heart-hitting necklace worth £49,000 but soon the market emerged with a copy of the same at the price tag of £53.25. This means you can save £48,946.75. Wow! What a great saving!

Kate Middletown and her hubby dear Prince William utterly are aware of the fact that the whole world’s eyes are on them and on England for the upcoming Olympics thus they do not leave any stone unturned to attend the events relevant for the sport fiesta.
Kate recently visited the National Portrait Gallery and she zeroed in the patriotic royal blue dress which was designed by Stella McCartney. Kate accessorized the gorgeous dress with a heart-hitting necklace made by Cartier worth £49,000. All eyes got fixed on her necklace. As Kate’s fashion statements are widely followed, the women got crazy for the Olympics necklace. But since it is much costly, hardly any can buy it. But the market knows the ladies’ liking for Kate’s fashion, so they introduced the ditto copy which just costs you £53.25. You can buy this necklace from Diamonique by Andrea McLean. This will save you the whopping £48,946.75.