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Ashley Tisdale – Earth Day Celebration in a bikini

Well, Ashley Tisdale is undoubtedly sexier and the hottest babe in town. She is the same from tip and toe and one can claim the same seeing her hottest and most sexy persona with the killer curves which are always ready to slaughter the men. The babe celebrated the Earth Day yesterday with a new style by slipping into a revealing green colored bikini.

On Sunday, Ashley became the part of the celebration of her friend’s wedding and on the following day i.e. Monday, Tisdale simply slipped into a bikini to enjoy the sun in Mexico.

She shared the image of her in bikini on Instagram page. The brunette beauty went for a plain peppermint colored triangle top laced with patterned briefs and she then flaunted off her flat stomach as well.

She was standing in front of the palm trees and a fresh lawn and blue water was behind. She then flashed a peace sign in the air with her two fingers. Ashley was wearing dark sunnies on eyes to look more stunning and stylish.